Sanding belts for scroll saw for fine sanding of scroll saw work

Sanding belts for scroll saws are an integral part of the toolbox of scroll saw artists. The Steinert Drechselzentrum Erzgebirge equips handicraft clubs, manufactories, hobbyists and scroll saw artists with belts of various widths and grit sizes. With these, even sawn-out interior shapes of filigree dimensions and in tight curves can be cleanly reworked.

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Olson Scrollsander, Schleifbänder für Dekupiersägen
Olson (USA)
Scroll Saw Sanding Belt, Width 7mm Grit P120, P180, P220 or mixed
€9.95 *
Olson Scrollsander, Schleifbänder für Dekupiersägen
Olson (USA)
Scroll Saw Sanding Belt, Width 13mm Grit 80, 120, 180, 220 or mixed
€9.95 *

Abrasive belts for scroll saw - properties

Abrasive belts for scroll saw consist of a solid paper, which is covered with abrasive sand. They are used as an alternative to regrinding by hand. For use, they are clamped in the scroll saw as before the saw blade. When lightly passed between surfaces, they smooth out torn-out pieces of wood and rough surfaces. Steinert offers different variations from coarse to fine as well as different band lengths. This makes fretwork pleasantly smooth afterwards. The machine to-and-fro movement of the belts makes resanding fatigue-free even in continuous use.

Sanding belts for scroll saw - machine facilitation of surface processing

At the Erzgebirge Woodturning Center we have a lot of experience with the surface treatment of wood and plywood. Resanding is part of the necessary quality processing of candle arches, wooden window pictures or door decorations in the local manufactories. Many clubs or schools in art and craft classes facilitate the rework by using sanding belts for scroll saw instead of manual sanding tools. Our sets include sanding belts of different grits for progressively finer sanding steps. The width of the belts is adjusted to different width sawing surfaces of the workpieces. High safety of use is ensured by the clamping technique based on the same principle as for the saw blade, even for hobbyists and scroll saw beginners.

Advantages of Steinert abrasive belts for scroll saws

These facilitation and advantages distinguish sanding belts for scroll saw from Steinert:

  • Easy insertion in the scroll saw, even for children with basic experience, scroll saw beginners and less experienced do-it-yourselfers
  • High level of user safety due to identical changing technique as for saw blades of the same dimensions
  • Resanding from coarse to fine with the various sanding belts from one set
  • Fine sanding results even on filigree cut-out, free forms in plywood
  • Fast work progress due to material-specific settings on the scroll saw
  • Any number of accessories available at Steinert at reasonable prices
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