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Drechsel-Meißel konisch, geschmiedet, Gläser
Neuhammer Flat Chisel Conical (Forged) different sizes
From €66.00 *
spandickenbegrenztes Ausdrehwerkzeug WOODCUT Pro-Form, Set 1
WOODCUT Pro-Forme Starter Set 1 handle, 1 shaft (A) and 1 cutting head with chip thickness limiter
€217.20 *
Woodcut Chisel, Goat Foot Stitch B12 / 8; Width: 8mm; Length: 135mm
€17.95 *
Arbortech Minifräser (Schnitzfräswerkzeug MiniCarver)
Arbortech Mini Carver complete with drive unit
€279.00 *
Robert Sorby Drechselwerkzeug Abstecher
Parting Knife Extra Narrow Width: 1.6mm
€29.90 *
Wiedemann Ausdrehhaken klein
Wiedemann Unscrewing Hook Small with support rod Ø 13mm and handle
€78.00 *
Arbortech TurboPlan Frässcheibe für Winkelschleifer
Arbortech TurboPlane Milling Disc Ø 100mm for 100/115mm angle grinder
€139.00 *
Munro Tool Wundercutt 10
Munro Tool Wundercutt10 Complete Set Including HM cutting wheel, handle, stainless steel shaft 16mm, sharpening pen, tool set
€294.00 *
5-er Set ZOBO Bohrer System 2 Chromstahl
5pc Set of ZOBO Drill System 2 Chrome Steel Ø 15, 20, 25, 30, 35mm
€275.00 * €339.00 *
Pfeil Löffelmesser
Spoon Knife, Round & Small Cut left or right
€23.75 *
Sorby Micro Werkzeug 12-teiliges Set
Sorby Micro Set 12 pieces
€199.50 *
Carving Hatchet forged, hardened, ground
€84.00 *
Cup Steel HSS, Cobalt Alloy
Cup Steel HSS, Cobalt Alloy Ø 20 or 30mm
From €61.50 *
Robert Sorby Drechselwerkzeug Mini
Set of Miniature Turning Tools 5 pieces for small spindle work
€153.50 *
Martel-Haken gross
Martel Hook Size 3 Large without bracket
€75.00 *
Pfeil, Berner Eisen
Bernereisen Deep, Engraving 9 Stitch 9/50; Length 300mm; Width 50mm
€85.85 *
Spoon Bit Ø 3 to 35mm Total length 200 to 400mm
From €47.50 *
Kopierstahl, V-Stahl HSS
Special Turning Tool V-Shape HSS with Thread 18 x 40 x 140mm Edge radius 0.6mm
€272.50 *
Robert Sorby TurnMaster
Sorby TurnMaster with Wooden Handle Handle + shaft + mounting head, without insert
€98.90 *
Thirds Wood Splitter forged
€99.50 *
Sorby Sovereign Heft-System, 400 mm
Sovereign Handle 400mm Mounting Ø 16mm with 2 inserts, Mounting Ø 13mm and Ø 10mm
€73.50 *
Robert Sorby Drechselwerkzeug Mini
Mini Spindle Tube Width: 3mm
€32.90 *
Ausdrehwerkzeug BCT 1 mit Spandickenbegrenzung
BCT 1 HolloMate Hollowing Tool with chip thickness limitation
€129.00 *
WOODCUT Ausdrehwerkzeug mit Tassenstahl
WOODCUT Cup Tool Boring tool with cup steel
€84.80 *
WOODCUT FLEXI Ausdrehwerkzeug
WOODCUT FLEXI Boring Tool with chip thickness limitation
€266.75 *
spandickenbegrenztes Ausdrehwerkzeug WOODCUT Pro-Form, Schneidkopf
WOODCUT Pro-Forme Cutting Head with chip thickness limiter
€89.05 *
Pfeil Holzschnittbeitel
Woodcut Chisel, Gouge Stitch B11 / 7; Width: 7mm; Length: 135mm
€17.95 *
Arbortech PowerChisel, elektrischer Schnitzmeißel
Arbortech PowerChisel 2020 (Carving Chisel) complete with drive unit
€279.00 *
Arbortech Mini-TURBO Kit (M5-Version)
Arbortech Mini-TURBO Kit (M5 version) for Arbortech mini milling cutters
€129.00 *
HM-Frässcheibe 50 mm für Arbortech Minifräser/MiniGrinder
Arbortech HM Milling Disc for Arbortech mini milling cutters
€34.00 *
steinert® Spezial-Holzspiralbohrer HSS 7,0 mm
steinert® special wood twist drill HSS Ø 7.00mm
€8.50 *
Satz Bildhauer- / Schnitz-Werkzeuge, Pfeil
6 Piece Set of Notch Chisels in a wooden stand
€119.00 *
Schruppröhre Neuhammer
Neuhammer Roughing Gouge (Forged) different sizes
From €108.50 *
Werkzeugsatz Kerbschnittbeitel 18-teilig, Pfeil
18 Piece Set of Notch Chisels in beech wood box
€399.00 *
Arbortech Contour Random Sander / Kontur Exzenter Schleifer
Arbortech Contour Sander oscillating grinding attachment for angle grinders
€79.00 *
Arkograf Brandmalgerät / Beschriftungsgerät
Pyrography Device / Labeling Device for wood, metal and other materials
€249.90 *
Arbortech Ball Gouge
Arbortech Ball Gouge Milling ball for angle grinder
€119.00 *
Multi-Schaft Werkzeugaufnahme für Winkelschleifer
Multi-Shank Tool Holder with Collets for angle grinders
€89.90 *
Bohrer Protool ZOBO System 2 Hartmetall
ZOBO Drill System 2 Carbide Drill Ø 10 to 65mm
From €103.50 *
Set Doppeltaster 8-Form und Tanzmeister
Set of Double Woodturning Turner’s Calipers in two different sizes
From €39.30 *
Martel Vasentaster
Martel 4 Ways Calliper small, medium or large
From €48.20 *
Scala Messschieber
Vernier Caliper Length 150-500mm, Beak 40-100mm
From €25.50 *
Arbortech PowerCarver with accessories
€279.00 *
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Good tools are the alpha and omega of every craft. When it comes to turning and carving, the quality of the tool, in addition to the craftsmanship and a good workshop environment, determines the result to a large extent. In addition to the geometry of the tools and the cutting edge, the steel quality and processing are also very important criteria.

For woodturners we offer a very extensive range of traditional standard tools as well as special tools. Our main brands are Neuhammer , Sorby , Carter & Son , Woodcut , Munro . We also offer special tools from the brands Ashley Iles , CIFall , Kelton , Wiedemann , Martel and a few more. From our own production ( Steinert® Maschinenbau ), our range also includes copying steels , thread cutting and milling tools for wood, structuring tools and tools for various special applications.

For carvers and sculptors we decided on the excellent quality of the tools from the company Pfeil (Switzerland) . The range includes almost 1,000 different stitches and sizes for almost all wood carving work.

In addition to the purely manual woodworking, we offer tools with electrical support and compressed air. Of course, the standard equipment of a wood workshop such as drills , rasps , saws , milling cutters and milling disks as well as various measuring and testing tools are not missing in our offer.

If you have any questions about choosing the right tools, we would be happy to advise you. We would be happy to put together a package tailored to your needs.