"Unimat 1 Basic" machine set

for children and teenagers

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UNIMAT 1 BASIC is a set of machines for children and young people specially designed for... more
Product information ""Unimat 1 Basic" machine set"

UNIMAT 1 BASIC is a set of machines for children and young people specially designed for woodworking. The machines can be used to gain initial experience in woodworking without risk. The box contains all parts for the jigsaw (scroll saw), the lathe for long and cross wood work, the hand and stationary grinding machine, as well as the hand drill.

All UNIMAT 1 BASIC machines are childproof. The short stroke of the saw blade ensures that the fingers of the junior carpenters remain intact.

The powerful jigsaw for plywood, solid wood (up to 7 mm), balsa (up to 20 mm), plastics and thin sheet metal. No annoying unclamping / clamping of the saw blade when cutting openings and windows.
Child Safe: The only child safe jigsaw in the world. The short stroke causes a vibration cut. The skin vibrates with the saw blade and is not injured.

Wood lathe
With a top width of 135 mm (expandable up to 324 mm) and a diameter of up to 50 mm, the small 12 V power pack does amazing things despite being child-proof. Candlesticks, toy figures, doll furniture, ship cannons, etc. can be easily made.
With the mini lathe you can turn "between the tips" and "on the fly".

drilling machine
For drills from 1 to 6 mm. Ideal for hard-to-reach holes or for engraving.

Grinding machine
Fixed in a stationary position, the rotating sanding pad gives the workpieces the finishing touch or sharpens tools. Also suitable as a hand sander for hard-to-reach places.

Machine bed (271 mm), tailstock, 2x intermediate pieces, gearbox, 12 V motor, 12 V safety transformer, jigsaw, lathe support, rolling grains, 2x sanding pads with sandpaper, collets 1 to 6 mm, turning knife, drill, screwdriver, safety glasses.

Technical specifications:
Motor: 20,000 rpm, 12 V DC
Headstock: M12x1, 8 mm bore
Tailstock: M12x1, 15 mm quill stroke
Power supply: 110-240 V 50-60 Hz, 12 V, 2 A

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