Eye Protection

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Armamax safety glasses wear your own glasses
€7.65 *
Schutzbrille Adaptec
Adaptec safety glasses
€14.55 *
Gesichtsschutz Pulsafe Clearways
Pulsafe Clearways face shield with clear PC visor, particularly lightweight design
€25.90 *
Gesichtsschutz Pulsafe Supervizor
Face protection Pulsafe Supervizor with clear PC visor, robust and hard-wearing
€38.40 *
Gesichtsschutz Pulsafe Bionic
Pulsafe Bionic face protection with clear PC visor, maximum protection
€61.80 *
Atem- und Gesichtsschutz "PowerCap Active"
PowerCap Active respiratory and face protection ventilated with Li-Ion battery
€514.00 *