Kirjes Orbicut

Behind the name Kirjes Orbicut are carving balls from the Swedish manufacturer Plano System AB. Both the body and the shaft of these tools for free woodworking are made of precision-turned, hardened steel. They have two semi-circular interchangeable cutting edges made of HSS, which impress with their high sharpness and durability.

Advantages of Kirjes Orbicut milling balls

While working with Kirjes Orbicut router balls, they mainly produce chips and hardly any wood dust. Even at low speed, they enable efficient work. They are characterized by a minimum of vibrations, are smooth-running, easy to control and do not tend to wobble. In addition, these carving balls can be used with drills, cordless screwdrivers and flexible shafts.

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Kirjes Orbicut Fräskugel 20 mm
Kirjes / Plano (Schweden)
Kirjes Orbicut 20 Milling ball Ø 20mm
€66.50 *
Kirjes Orbicut Fräskugel 40 mm
Kirjes / Plano (Schweden)
Kirjes Orbicut 40 Milling ball Ø 40mm
€95.30 *
Ersatzschneiden für Kirjes Orbicut 20 mm
Kirjes / Plano (Schweden)
2 Replacement Blades for Kirjes Orbicut Ø 20 or 40mm
From €16.90 *
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