Special drills for wood

Various special drills are indispensable tools in woodworking and are used in woodturning in many areas. We offer a selection of different special drills for wood for a wide range of applications, from deep hole drilling to drilling egg cups, high quality workmanship, indestructible and partly tailored to your personal wishes and specifications.

Special drills in our woodturning shop

Serpentine drill

In this type of drill, a helix with a relatively low pitch (similar to a snake) winds around the core bar and thus enables optimal chip transport out of the drill hole, especially when drilling deep holes. The snake drills from the traditional German brand Schlagring have a small thread as a center point with which the drill pulls itself into the wood and are available in effective lengths of 160 and 250 mm with diameters of 22 or 24 mm.

The 30 mm long hexagonal shank offers maximum stability, even at high torques. Please select the desired length (effective length) and diameter. These special drills for wood are suitable for 22 mm and 24 mm grinders made by Strässler, which are also offered in the Drechslershop.

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Schlagring Maschinenschlangenbohrer 160 mm
Schlagring (Deutschland)
Snake drill, Ø 22 oder 24 mm Usable length 160 mm / total length 235 mm
From €22.90 *
Löffelbohrer verschiedene Größen
Stern (Österreich)
Spoon auger, Ø 3 bis 30 mm Total length 200 to 360mm
From €54.20 *
Knotenbohrer 2 - 12 mm
Stern (Österreich)
Knot Drill Ø 2 to 12mm
From €7.60 *
Egg cup drill
C.I.Fall (Schweden)
Egg cup drill Diameter 40mm
€31.80 *
Gun Drill Dimension according customer requirements
From €223.75 *

Spoon drill

We provide spoon drills in a large selection, with 3 to 30 mm diameter and 200 to 360 mm total length. These self-centering special drills for wood are suitable for deep hole drilling and for drilling in the lathe. Scraper bars for proper sharpening of the spoon drills can be found in our store.

Knot drill

Knot drills are special drills for wood, designed for manual drilling. The drill is made completely with handle from one piece of steel. The handle is bent and resembles a knot. We keep the low-priced knot drills of the traditional Austrian company Stern in stock in lengths from 40 to 150 mm, with diameters from 2 to 12 mm.

Egg cup drill

The egg cup drill from the Swedish company C.I.Fall is a special drill for wood, specifically designed for drilling egg cups. It has a diameter of 40 mm with a total length of 120 mm.

Single lip drill

Single-lip drills are special deep-hole drills with a carbide drill head intended for metalworking. These special drills are also used in woodturning, for example in the construction of musical instruments. The use of single-lip drills requires a lathe with manual feed or a deep-hole drilling machine. For precise work, a centric guide in the form of a drill steady rest is required.

Available are the absolutely high-quality special drills according to your personal specifications with diameters from 1.9 to 55 mm and in

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