A strop is a flexible strip of leather, fabric or other material used to sharpen a straight razor or knife.
A good strop should be wide enough to cover the entire width of the blade and long enough to allow comfortable sharpening. The surface of the strop should be smooth and even, with no bumps or dents that could damage the blade.

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Pfeil, Streich-Riemen zum Abziehen
pfeil (Schweiz)
Pull-Off Straps leather on one side, 220 x 50 x 20mm
€29.55 *
Pfeil, Streich-Riemen zum Abziehen
pfeil (Schweiz)
Pull-Off Straps Double-sided leather, 300 x 40 x 20mm
€47.50 *

There are many different types of strops to choose from. The two most common types are hanging strops and hand strops. The type of strop you choose will depend on your needs.

While there are many different materials that can be used for a strop, the most popular are those made of leather. This is because leather is both strong and soft, making it ideal for use with sharp blades.

When using a strop, it is important to stroke the blade in the same direction as the cutting edge. In this way, the cutting edge remains sharp and does not become blunt. It is also important to apply only moderate pressure when stropping, as too much pressure can damage the blade.

There are several ways to stroke a knife, but the most common is to hold the blade at a 30-degree angle and stroke it away from the body.

If you want to keep your carving knife or chisel in top condition, regular stropping is essential. A well-sharpened blade makes work easier and increases safety. So the next time you pick up your knife, make sure you sharpen it thoroughly with a strop beforehand!

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