Chainsaw ECHO CS281 WES

complete with carving equipment for chainsaw carving

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Product information "Chainsaw ECHO CS281 WES"
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The ECHO CS281 WES is currently the lightest petrol chainsaw on the market. It is extremely handy and therefore ideal for carving. The patented easy start device, a well thought-out anti-vibration system, the greatly reduced noise emissions and a chain tensioner on the side, make working with this saw a pleasure. Chain brake, throttle lock, chain catch bolt and hand protection on both handles ensure maximum safety. The saw can be used immediately and is very easy to maintain.
The saw is equipped with a 30cm Cannon carving sword. The point of the sword (Dime 1/4“) consists of a high quality cobalt alloy. It has a diameter of approx. 19mm. This enables particularly fine work to be done. In addition, the tendency to kickback is significantly reduced due to the small tip radius.
The low-vibration ¼ inch Stihl Oilomatic saw chain (RMS) with 64 drive links impresses with its very good cutting performance and excellent cutting performance. Due to the shortened tooth roof, no pressure is necessary during the lancing process. It is therefore particularly suitable for carving. The chain is driven with the matching ¼ inch sprocket.
Technical specifications:
  • Displacement: 26.9cm³
  • Power: 1.09 kW (1.5 PS)
  • Weight: 3.1kg
  • Patented easy start device (iSi-Start)
  • Adjustable oil pump
  • Lateral chain tensioner
  • Electronic ignition
  • Chain brake
  • Chain lubrication with oil volume regulation


  • Length: 30cm
  • Ø sword tip: approx. 2.0cm
  • Guide groove: 1.3mm


  • Division 1/4 inch
  • Drive link thickness 1.3mm
  • 64 drive links
  • Shortened tooth roof

Easy start system "iSi-Start"
The "iSi-Start" easy start system developed by ECHO supports the pulling force on the starter rope by means of a sophisticated spring mechanism and modern control electronics.

manual fuel pump
By pressing the manual fuel pump, fuel can be pumped into the carburetor. This makes it easier to start the device after a long break.

lateral chain tension
The lateral chain tension enables easy and quick regulation of the chain tension. The chain tension can thus be easily adjusted even when on the move.

G-Force air filter cleaning
The service life of the air filter is significantly extended and the engine is better supplied with air. Thus, a significantly higher performance can be achieved.

choke with automatic speed increase
As soon as the choke is pulled during a cold start, the idle speed increases automatically. This makes the device easier to start.

automatic oil lubrication
Thanks to the ECHO oil lubrication system, the chain is only lubricated when the engine and chain are running. This significantly reduces oil consumption.

digital ignition management
All models with the designation ES have manual starting assistance and electronic ignition. ES can be translated as "Easy Start".

Air filter cover with quick release
The quick release saves time when performing minor maintenance work, such as cleaning the air filter or changing the spark plug.

easy-to-clean high-performance nylon air filter
A slight turn is enough to unlock the air filter. The nylon fabric makes it particularly durable and can also be easily cleaned using a non-flammable solvent.

Anti-vibration system
The sophisticated ECHO anti-vibration system is used to reduce vibration in motorized devices. This keeps vibrations away from the user's hand.

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