Sanding star

Sanding stars for easy sanding of woodwork

The surfaces of various scroll saw, chainsaw and woodturning projects need to be sanded completely smooth at the end. Depending on the surface finish and complexity of the project, this sanding process can be cumbersome to accomplish. Specific to objects with many interior cutouts and/or particularly intricate figures, sanding with sandpaper sticks or narrow key files can be tedious and time consuming. It is also frustrating that the majority of your achieved result is uneven. Experienced woodworkers therefore have a sanding star handy. With this sanding tool you remove fiber residues, break edges evenly and sand irregular surface. Working with a sanding star prevents excessive material removal and also saves time and effort.

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Kemper Schleifstern FS
Kemper (Deutschland)
Grinding Star Ø 200mm, Single Double Layer with hole Ø 25.4mm, grain size 80-240
€12.50 *
Kemper Schleifstern MS
Kemper (Deutschland)
Grinding Star Ø 100mm, Four-Fold, Double-Layer with shaft Ø 6mm, grain 80-240
€26.95 *
Schleifstern Ø 160 mm
BTD (Deutschland)
Grinding Star Ø 160mm, Four-Fold, Double-Layer with shaft Ø 8mm, grain 120
€81.40 *
Kemper Satinierscheibe Satifix MS
Kemper (Deutschland)
Satining Disc Ø 100mm, Width 50mm Satifix MS (abrasive fleece), with 6mm shank, grain 100, 180 or 280
€15.65 *
Kemper-Satinierscheibe Satifix MS, Vlies und Schleifleinen
Kemper (Deutschland)
Satining Disc Ø 100mm, Width 50mm Satifix MSZ (sanding fleece with sanding sheet), with shaft 6mm, K 180/150 or 280/240
€16.30 *

Sanding stars for coarse and fine sanding in different grits

We offer sanding stars in different grits, choose the sanding grit for your project. The number marked with the letter "K" informs you about the structure of the sanded surface and the intensity of material removal. For rough sanding, use a sanding stone with a grit of 120 to 180 millimeters. This can be used to sand edges to curves and to pre-sand shapes and surfaces precisely. Depending on the type of wood used, sanding marks may still be visible. To remove these fine scratches from the surface of your workpiece, a resanding must be done with a sanding stone with a grit of 240, 340 or 400 millimeters. Fine sanding with this fine grit has the advantage that the surface can be refined afterwards. Contours and cutouts are given a fine, velvety appearance.
Therefore, you should always have a small selection of grinders for drill at hand.

Processing of different materials

Our grinding stars can be used to process metals, ceramics, stone and various other materials. To avoid contamination, you must not process different materials with the same grinding star.



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