Carving Blade HSS Small

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Schnitzklinge HSS
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Blade made of HSS for carving knives, without handle, forged Blade length 50mm, total length... more
Product information "Carving Blade HSS Small"

Blade made of HSS for carving knives, without handle, forged

Blade length 50mm, total length with tang 90mm

In contrast to the other tools from the Pfeil company, these carving blades only have a basic bevel.

Information about the new HSS carving blades:

The high-speed steel HSS (High Speed Steel) has a high proportion of molybdenum (5%) and tungsten (6%) compared to conventional tool steel. The alloy components molybdenum and tungsten, through the formation of carbide with carbon in the structure, ensure that the steel has a high tempering resistance and hot hardness, high wear resistance and edge retention as well as increased toughness with the same hardness compared to tool steel.
The one used for the carving blades HSS is hardened to 62 HRC (Rockwell hardness). The big advantage of the HSS is the longer service life. The knife stays sharp longer, it does not have to be sharpened as often.
Regrinding is more difficult - precisely because of the hardness. Soft and porous special disks (high-grade corundum or borazon) are required for regrinding.
The HSS is also less tough - so more brittle. The conventional carving knives (tool steel) can be "bent" a little in the blade with an optimal cutting edge life; they give in to pressure. HSS carving knives cannot be bent, so they are not very "elastic". They are more likely to break.
Both types of steel are high-alloyed but not rustproof. Rust-resistant knife blades do not keep the cutting edge as long as the two qualities mentioned - HSS and high-alloy tool steel.

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