Parting Tool 1.6mm

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  • CPT116-12
Please select whether you want to order the tool with a handle and adapter or without a handle... more
Product information "Parting Tool 1.6mm"

Please select whether you want to order the tool with a handle and adapter or without a handle and adapter.

Very slim detour, but very stable due to the gradually thicker blade.

Technical information about this tool:

  • Tool width:  1.6mm (1/16")
  • Tool length without handle: 240mm (9 1/2")
  • Handle length (for tools with handle): 300mm (12") with 12mm (1/2") holder
  • Angel size / recording adapter: 12mm (1/2"), is included

Tool made of M42 HSS steel with a long service life like carbide with HSS-typical cutting edge quality / handle made of aluminium with good feel and stability / compatibility of all Carter tools with all Carter handle sizes thanks to an adapter

"Carter and Son Toolworks" is a young company from the USA. Out of enthusiasm for turning and a love of good tools, David Carter and his family decided a few years ago to make their own turning tools. Since working with the tools convinced us, we are now offering them as a recommendable alternative alongside our hand-forged glass tools and the extensive range from Robert Sorby.

The first noticeable feature of the Carter and Son tools is the aluminium handle (aluminium alloy 6061). Initial concerns that the metallic handle would feel cold and uncomfortable have not been confirmed. The booklet lies comfortably in the hand, has a good grip and good feel and offers a good counterweight to the cutting forces, especially with the large tools for large objects.

The tools themselves are made of M42 HSS steel (High Speed Steel), which is hardened to a hardness of 63 HRC (Rockwell hardness). M42 HSS is an HSS alloy with a very high cobalt content (approx. 10%) and has a very long service life, with high cutting quality at the same time. The cutting edge quality corresponds to what one is used to from HSS steels. Historically, the M42 HSS alloy comes from metalworking and therefore has no problem with even very hard woods.

The Carter tools have a round tang with a diameter of 9 to 19mm. The tool handles have a 3/4" hole (19mm). Depending on the size of the tang, the tools are attached to the handles with suitable adapters. The tool tang extends approx. 80mm into the handle and ensures a secure hold and high stability.

The Carter tools are fully ground and delivered ready to use.

Carter and Son Toolworks offer a lifetime guarantee on their tools. If, despite strict quality control, the tool breaks or other damage to the tool, handle or adapter occurs due to a material defect, these will be replaced free of charge.

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