Thor fine dust filter TF810

Exchange of 750 m³ air / hour

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Thor fine dust filter TF810 Ideal for wall or ceiling mounting. It can also be set up... more
Product information "Thor fine dust filter TF810"
Thor fine dust filter TF810
Ideal for wall or ceiling mounting. It can also be set up freely on the workbench or on a shelf. Because of the slightly smaller filter volume, the TF810 is only suitable for workshops with up to approx. 50m³.
filters 750 m³ of air per hour, 240 volts, 100 watts
Dimensions: 300 x 300 x 135 mm
Weight: approx. 6 kg
Volume: approx. 61 dB
Filter class EU4 / G4 according to EN 779
With the replacement filter MCF760S, the air filter TF810 can be used for paint mist when airbrushing.
Please note: The Microclene air filters are designed as filters to eliminate the finest, harmful micro-dusts in the air. The Microclene air filters are not dust extractors and are not suitable for the direct extraction of grinding dust on the lathe or on a grinding machine.
Acrol Ltd. developed and sold the proven Microclene air filters in England. For personal reasons, the owners of Acrol Ltd. gave up the business. But the legend lives on. The production company Thor Filtration Ltd., which has manufactured the Microclene air filters for many years, now continues the valued products under the name Thor fine dust filters. With a new name and color, these popular air filters are still available in the same quality. Replacement filters are compatible accordingly.
Thor TF250 = Microclene MC200
Thor TF470 = Microclene MC420
Thor TF810 = Microclene MC760
Thor TF1260 = Microclene MC1210

Frequently asked questions about Thor air filters:
How often does the filter have to be changed?
This of course depends on the use. Most customers change the filters 2 to 4 times a year. A small test before using the filter in the work area shows whether the filter is full and needs to be changed. To do this, turn on the air filter and take a piece of paper that is large enough to cover the air intake opening area of the air filter. If the sheet of paper is sucked in and gets stuck, the suction force of the air filter is still sufficient. If the sheet is not sucked in and falls, the filter is dirty and needs to be changed.
Can the filter be washed out and reused?
No. The fine filter material would change its structure when it was washed out and would no longer be able to work in accordance with standards. However, the filters can be mechanically cleaned 2-3 times, i.e. carefully knocked out.
Have the filters been specially developed for wood dust only?
No, they can be used wherever fine particles have to be filtered out of the air. They are also used, for example, in dental laboratories, in precision mechanics and electronics workshops or paper mills, but also in horse stables or bird enclosures. Equipped with a carbon filter, they are used in restaurants or bars to filter cigarette smoke. They are also used by people with allergies or asthma symptoms in the living area.
What is the power consumption of the devices?
The devices are equipped with energy-saving motors. All Thor fine dust filters consume 100 watts of power.
Where are the filters attached / set up?
TF250 can be placed directly on the workbench or in the immediate vicinity of the workplace. TF470 and TF1260 are hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room. The TF810 is suitable for mounting on the wall or as a stand-alone device. It should also be noted that the hanging devices are hung on at least 2 hooks, as they always rotate a little when switched on. A single hook could loosen over time.

Fine dust of any kind is dangerous to health. This also includes the finest wood dust. With some types of wood, cancer is even suspected. Fine sanding dust remains in the air for hours as an "invisible danger". Even ventilation or wearing dust masks does not provide sufficient protection here. Thor fine dust filters filter the entire room air 10 to 50 times per hour, depending on the type and room volume. The finest dust particles with a size of less than 1 micron (= 1 thousandth of a millimeter) are reliably filtered out. Thor fine dust filters are not only suitable for removing wood dust. Metal dust, pollen, textile fibers, cement dust, fungal spores and much more are also removed from the room air.
Thor and Microclene air filters, suitable room volumes
Image: Number of filtered air volumes per hour depending on the filter type and room size. The areas marked in green show the suitability of the respective type for the corresponding room size.
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