TORMEK Japanese water whetstone

for Tormek T-3, T-4 and 1000 series

Japanischer Wasser-Schleifstein für Schärfmaschine Tormek T-3 und T-4
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  • SJ-200
200 x 50 mm suitable for Tormek 1000 series, T-3 and T-4 The Tormek Japanese Waterstone... more
Product information "TORMEK Japanese water whetstone"
200 x 50 mm suitable for Tormek 1000 series, T-3 and T-4
The Tormek Japanese Waterstone has a grain size of 4,000 and gives a mirror-like surface with barely visible grinding grooves. Since it is manufactured in order to give the tool the very finest surface, its ability to be sharpened is limited and it can therefore not be used for forming a tool.
It is particularly well suited for sharpening hand tools such as carving tools, knives, scissors, plane irons and chisels that have the correct shape and angle. The Tormek Japanese Waterstone has an extremely long durability due to its unique composition. The Tormek Japanese Waterstone produces a sanding surface that is so fine that it does not need to be honed afterwards on the leather honing wheel.
You will find many interesting details and application recommendations on the Tormek website (German).
Product overview TORMEK machines and accessories for download as PDF file (2.5 MB) ...
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