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THE TORMEK T-4 is a further development of the T-3 model which takes precision and stability to... more
Product information "TORMEK T-4"

THE TORMEK T-4 is a further development of the T-3 model which takes precision and stability to a completely new level. Important functions, such as the motor and main shaft, are mounted in the cast upper part, and the sockets for the universal support are also integrated. This results in unbeatable precision for the universal support that serves as the basis of all Tormek devices.

You get a high-quality machine, ideal for home and hobby, which can grind all common cutting tools. The scope of delivery includes the stone grader SP-650, protractor WM-200, peeling paste PA-70, DVD and manual for Tormek wet grinding. Complete the T-4 with your choice of fixtures based on the tools you want to sharpen (sold separately).

Please note! The technical specifications apply to German-speaking countries and the entire documentation for the machine is in German.

Product overview TORMEK machines and accessories for download as PDF file (2.5 MB) ...

Dimensions : width 230 mm, depth 200 mm, height 260 mm
Weight : incl. Packaging 9.8 kg, single machine 8.0 kg
Grindstone : Tormek original grindstone , aluminum oxide, 200 × 40 mm, 120 rpm, torque 8.4 Nm
Leather honing disc : 145 × 26 mm
Main shaft : main shaft made of stainless steel, EzyLock in composite.
Housing : Solid zinc upper part, impact-resistant ABS plastic
Motor : single-phase industrial motor , 120 W (intake)
230 V, 50 Hz. Operation 30 min / h, maintenance-free.
Quiet running, 52 dB. 10,000 hours lifespan

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4

The sleeves for the universal support are now integrated in the cast zinc upper part. Together with the new Tormek construction of the holes (patent pending) the precision has been improved by over 300%.

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4

The handle makes it easy to place or turn the machine when needed.

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4

The cast zinc top is integrated into the construction.

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4

The nameplate is now made of metal, the place to attach the Tormek angle gauge with its magnetic feet.

How is the T-4 different from the T-3?

Precision has been improved over 300%
This will improve your control over the sharpening - and you will get a better result.

Handle for easy handling
Makes the machine easy to place and handle.

Machine plate in metal
The place to fix the Tormek angle gauge with its magnetic feet.

Device for straight cutting is no longer included in the scope of delivery
Customize your grinding system right from the start and complete it with the devices you need, according to your needs. (e.g. if you are only sharpening knives, you don't want to pay for a device you don't need.)

Stone Grader Included (Because You Need It)
Regardless of what you are sharpening, you will need to activate the stone if necessary, which is why we include it from the start. In other words, with the stone grader you can achieve two different properties of the whetstone, fast and fine!

How is the accuracy compared to the T-7?
Thanks to the patented cast zinc top, we have achieved the same accuracy with the T-4 as with the T-7, which is made in 3mm steel and precision-assembled bushings for the universal support.

The T-4 model comes with the following accessories

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4 Stone graders

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4 WM-200, angle gauge

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4 PA-70, peel paste

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4 Manual

Wet sharpening machine TORMEK T-4 Tormek DVD

The grindstone:
The TORMEK grindstone rotates at a slow speed in the water bath. It is ceramically bonded (sintered at high temperature). The abrasive grains consist of aluminum oxide. Grain size 0.06 mm. Grit 220. The grindstone grinds extremely effectively and ensures a fine grinding surface for the tool. With this stone you can grind larger tools in a few seconds, e.g. planer knives, axes and scythes, but also tools made of hardened steel and HSS, but not carbide steel. The surface of the grindstone can be refined with the stone grader SP-650 to a grain size of 1000 for fine grinding. The outside of the grindstone is machined and recessed in the middle so that the grinding surface does not collide with the washer and the nut in the center. This completely flat surface is suitable for smoothing the back of plane irons, chisels and similar tools. Due to the diameter of 200 mm, the bevel is less concave than with a smaller grindstone. The width, 40 mm, gives you a generous work surface for working with your tools.

The leather honing disc:
Remove the burr on the TORMEK leather honing discs, on which you apply the TORMEK honing paste. The leather gently removes the burr and you get the same perfect sharpness as with the venerable peelable leather and the bevel becomes mirror-like.
You can either peel it off freehand or leave the tool in the grinder after grinding. Adjust the grinding device so that the honing can take place at the same angle as the previous grinding.
A tool that has the correct shape and the correct cutting edge angle, but has become a bit blunt, can be hone directly on the honing wheel without first grinding it. Since you use the device to guide the tool to the honing disk with great accuracy, you can press it down firmly without the cutting edge being rounded.

The universal support:
The versatile universal support is the basis of the TORMEK system. It consists of 12 mm round steel and is mounted in double guide bushes for maximum stability. The universal support is equipped with a fine adjustment for quick and precise adjustment.

The angle theory:
This patented angle gauge has two functions. It can be used to adjust the device to the grindstone to grind tools with an optional cutting edge angle from 15 ° to 75 °. It can also be used to measure an existing cutting edge angle on a tool.
It was designed to fit all grinding stone diameters from 255 mm to 150 mm. You will get an exact setting regardless of how worn the stone is.
The angle gauge has two magnets for easy attachment to the machine.

The optional grinding devices:
Device for machine planing knives For HSS knives of unlimited length. Minimum width 13 mm. Also for miter punching machine knives.
Device for profile knives For surface grinding of all types of profile knives with a center distance of 24, 30 and 38 mm between the feed holes. Max. Width 100 mm. Also for profiled paint knife.
Device for tubes and interchangeable blades For finger-shaped rotary gouges, carving gouges and goat feet. Max. Tool width 25 mm. Also for interchangeable blades.
Multi-device for turning tools, parting tools and roughing gouges. Carving gouges and chisels, 25 - 50 mm.
Device for short tools For straight carving gouges and goat feet up to min. 45 mm length. Also for short chisels and carving tools for electric carvers. Max. Tool width 32 mm.
Grinding support with TORLOCK for scrapers. Also for large, special carving tools such as barrel scrapers and curved draw knives. Scrapers. Hollow turning tools.
Device for axes and hatchets. Maximum ax height 170 mm.
Device for most knives. Blade length at least 60 mm. Also for straight draw knives. Scraper blades, short or with a convex edge.
Device for long, thin knives. Stably supports a thin blade. Blade length at least 120 mm.
Device for shears and hedge trimmers. Also for hand planing machine knives.

You can find many interesting details and application recommendations on the Tormek website (German)

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