TORMEK multi-device for woodturning chisels

for turning tools, parting tools and roughing gauges

TORMEK-Vorrichtung für Drechselmeißel
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Parting tools, chisels, balle bars (tool widths 25 to 50 mm) construction This... more
Product information "TORMEK multi-device for woodturning chisels"
Parting tools, chisels, balle bars (tool widths 25 to 50 mm)
This patented device consists of a housing (1) and two interchangeable seats for the tool - one closed (2) and one open (3). The seats are rotatable and can be locked with the lower screw (6) at any angle between 0 ° and 45 °. Lathe chisels have a bevel on each side. With this grinding device, the tool is only clamped once to grind both bevels. By turning the device over, you can grind both bevels symmetrically.
TORMEK device for turning chiselsTORMEK device for turning chisels
The closed seat is used for turning tools. The tool is mounted with the side screw (4). The top screw (5) is not used. The open seat was designed for tools with the cutting edge across the length. The tool is mounted in the housing with the upper screw (5). Since the seat can rotate, the device can also be used for inclined carving gouges.

You will find many interesting details and application recommendations on the Tormek website (German).

Product overview TORMEK machines and accessories for download as PDF file (2.5 MB) ...

PDF manual for the article please click here !

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