Faceplate Segments with 8 Elastic Spigots

Ø 150, 250 or 400mm for Axminster, TOS, and Zentra chucks

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Made of aluminium with 8 elastic clamping spigots. Suitable for turning off bowl feet. The... more
Product information "Faceplate Segments with 8 Elastic Spigots"
  • Made of aluminium with 8 elastic clamping spigots.
  • Suitable for turning off bowl feet.
  • The rubber cones avoid marks on the edge of the bowl.
  • Outside Ø 150, 250 or 400mm. The larger faceplate segments with a diameter of 400mm are not suitable for the Clubman K8 / SK80 and K10 / SK100 chucks!

These Axminster top jaws fit the following chuck types:

  • Axminster Clubman K8 / SK80
  • Axminster Clubman K10 / SK100
  • Axminster Goliath
  • Axminster Evolution SK114
  • Axminster precision chucks
  • AX1 super precision chuck
  • TOS chucks Super precision chucks Ø 100 and 125mm with Axminster universal clamping jaws

The specified dimensions and diameters correspond to the dimensions when the chuck is almost closed. The clamping range depends on the clamping path of the chuck type.

In the Clubman SK100, for example, there are the following clamping ranges (outer Ø of the object to be clamped):

  • Clamping spigot in the outermost bolt circle: 105 - 145mm (150mm) or 188 - 228mm (250mm)
  • Clamping spigot in the innermost bolt circle: 45 - 85mm (150mm) or 68 - 108mm (250mm)
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