Grooved Jaw Attachments Type ‘Colossus’

for Axminster, TOS, and Zentra chucks

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Very large top jaws for a secure hold of large workpieces. The jaws clamp with the grooved... more
Product information "Grooved Jaw Attachments Type ‘Colossus’"
Very large top jaws for a secure hold of large workpieces. The jaws clamp with the grooved inside to 125mm and spread with the dovetail-shaped outside to 150mm. The height of the jaws is 27mm. Particularly suitable in connection with a 125 4-jaw TOS chuck, which is equipped with base jaws to hold Axminster attachments.

These Axminster top jaws fit the following chuck types:

  • Axminster Clubman K8 / SK80
  • Axminster Clubman K10 / SK100
  • Axminster Goliath
  • Axminster Evolution SK114
  • Axminster precision chucks
  • AX1 super precision chuck
  • TOS chucks Super precision chucks Ø 100 and 125mm with Axminster universal clamping jaws

The specified dimensions and diameters correspond to the dimensions when the chuck is almost closed. The clamping range depends on the type of chuck.

The base jaws in the chuck for screwing on the top jaws are not included in the scope of delivery. The 8 screws for attaching the top jaws to the base jaws are included.

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