Collet chucks

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Spannzangenfutter-Set ER32
Collet Chuck Set ER32 M33 x 3.5 thread
€124.00 *
Spannzangen ER32 für Spannzangenfutter
Collet for Collet Chuck ER32 3 - 20mm collets with 1mm clamping path each
€13.20 *
Spannzangenfutter-Set ER20 „Junior“
Collet Chuck Set ER20 “Junior” M33 x 3.5 or 1" x 8tpi thread
From €86.80 *
Spannzange ER-20 für Axminster-Spannzangenfutter Junior
Collet for Collet Chuck ER20 “Junior” 2 - 13mm collets with 1mm clamping path each
€12.90 *
Ersatz-Überwurfmutter für das Spannzangenfutter "Junior"
Replacement Union Nut for collet chucks “Junior"
€8.95 *