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With the Multistar MARLIN driver system , various driver heads can be screwed onto a Morse taper tool holder with a ½ inch thread. Differently shaped centering points can be accommodated in an M5 internal thread, depth-adjustable. The driving heads are offered as two-, four- and six-pointed in sizes from 6mm to 45mm. Almost all clamping tasks can be solved with this flexible system. The tool carriers and driver heads are very precise and made of high quality material.

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Marlin Mitnehmer-System, Werkzeugträger
Marlin Tool Carrier MK1, MK2 or MK3
From €24.90 *
Marlin Werkzeugträger, verlängert, MK2 oder MK3
Marlin Tool Carrier (Extended) 2MT or 3MT
From €47.00 *
Werkzeugträger mit 3/4"-Aufnahme für Marlin Mitnehmerköpfe
Tool Carrier "Kreher" with 3/4" External Thread for Marlin flight heads
€92.90 *
Werkzeugträger mit M33 x 3,5 Gewinde für Marlin Mitnehmerköpfe
Tool Carrier with M33 x 3.5 thread for Marlin flight heads
€69.00 *
Marlin Mitnehmer-System, 2-Zack
Marlin Driver Head 2-Prong, 22mm
€28.50 *
Marlin Mitnehmer-System, 4-Zack
Marlin Driver Head 4-Prong 6, 9, 12, 16, 22, 25 or 45mm
From €27.50 *
Marlin Einschraubspitzen
Marlin Screw-In Tips round 3mm, flat 5mm or round 5mm
€6.50 *
Marlin Mitnehmer-System, Planscheibe
Marlin Faceplate 45mm
€27.50 *
Marlin Mitnehmer-System, Spannzangen
Marlin Collet System incl. 8 collets 0-6mm
€33.90 *