Caraway grinder with push-in lid

Swiss grinder, without spindle

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The spindle is not included in the scope of delivery. Please select the required spindle... more
Product information "Caraway grinder with push-in lid"

The spindle is not included in the scope of delivery. Please select the required spindle length additionally.

consisting of: grinding ring, grinding cone, bracket with adjusting screw and spring and driver with plug-in cover mechanism
Grinding cone Ø: 23 mm
Grinding ring Ø: 37 mm
The lower mounting bracket with the adjusting screw is also 37 mm long. The adjusting screw can be adjusted without a screwdriver.
The grinding ring and cone are hardened steel with a titanium nitride coating (TiN). Titanium nitride is a coating material made from the elements titanium and nitrogen with extremely high hardness and corrosion resistance. Titanium nitride is about twice as hard as hard metal (about 2300 HV (Vickers hardness)). This ensures lasting sharpness and the grinder does not oxidize with salt.
The degree of fineness of the grist is infinitely adjustable from below and can therefore not be adjusted by itself.
The large feed grooves in the grinder cone ensure that the grinder does not get clogged and that the grinder performs better with fewer revolutions.

A Forstner bit with a diameter of 23 mm - possibly with a drill extension - can be used to drill out the wooden body (through hole). The lower bore extension
38 mm for the adjustment bracket and the upper extension for the rebate of the rotating cover (individually according to the mill shape) can be made individually with the turning scraper. See diagram. If you want to drill out these diameters with a Forstner bit, you have to do this before drilling the through hole so that it can be centered in the wood.
We recommend the FAMAG BORMAX or ZOBO drilling systems. Both systems are available for a variety of diameters and also with extensions.
With this type of grinder, the rotary cover is turned from below for the clamp cover with a diameter of 30 mm using a woodturning scraper or drilled to a depth of 12 mm with a Forstner bit. A recess with a diameter of 6 mm must then be drilled for the pin of the axle. A normal twist drill is suitable for this.

Please note:
Strässler's precision grinders are guaranteed for 10 years. It should be noted, however, that parts that have become defective due to improper handling and normal wear and tear cannot be replaced free of charge. For this it is particularly important that the grinders are installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. This means that when installing the pepper, salt or caraway grinders, it is essential to ensure that the length of the cover is at least 0.5 to 1.0 mm when the "knob" is tightened and the adjusting screw (below) is in the middle Has game. It must never be possible to tighten the grinder with the knob! The fineness of the grist is always set with the lower adjusting screw. This practically results in a "lifelong" faultless function.

Woods containing tannic acid such as oak or robinia should not be used. This could lead to corrosion on metal parts of the grinder.

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