Manpa Tools - 2" Belt Cutter

for the angle grinder

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  • MP21-2-M
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Product information "Manpa Tools - 2" Belt Cutter"

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The Belt Cutter from Manpa Tools - a multifunctional attachment for the angle grinder.
It simplifies and expands the range of applications in the field of woodworking.
Especially interesting for sculpture carvers and wood artists, it offers a flexible and easy-to-use alternative to carving chainsaws.

The attachment arm has a basic length of 200 mm and is equipped with an exchangeable 2" (50 mm) milling disc.
Depending on the carving project, the arm can be extended or the milling disc can be exchanged.
For the use of larger discs in the range of 3" (70 mm) or 4" (95 mm) it is possible to mount the larger cutting head of the Multi Cutter.
The angle grinder shown on the pictures is not part of the delivery.

In the package without milling disc you receive the basic tools Attachment arm 200 mm and the Belt Cutter cutting head, plus the standard accessories. Milling disc and cutting attachments are not included and must therefore be ordered separately.

Scope of delivery > without milling disc:
Attachment arm 200 mm
Belt Cutter head
Adapter rings
Operating tool

The basic package also includes a 2"(50 mm) milling disc. This is equipped with 6 mm round blades. The Belt Cutter can be used completely in its basic function.

Scope of delivery > Basic package:
Attachment arm 200 mm
Belt Cutter head
Adapter rings
Operating tool
> 2" (50 mm) milling disc 
> 6 mm round cutter

You receive a complete equipment in the extensive complete package. Additionally included are 2 extensions and the required drive belts. Hard-to-reach places such as deep cavities and large figures can be machined without any problems.

Scope of delivery > Complete package:
Extension arm 200 mm
Belt cutter head
Adapter rings
Operating tool
> 2" (50 mm) milling disc
> 6 mm round cutter 
> 2 extensions (140 mm and 240 mm)
> 2 drive belts

Is your existing angle grinder compatible?
First of all, measure the bearing flange of your machine. The diameter must be min. 42 mm, but not larger than 48.5 mm.

Below is a list of compatible models:
Bosch : GWS 7-115 E, GWS 7-115, GWS 7-125, GWS 750, GWS 880, GWS 18V-LI, GWS 18-125V-LI

Makita : GA4530R, 9558HNRG, 9558NBRZ, 9558PBGY; GA5030R, GA5030RSP1

Dewalt : DWE4056, DWE4157, DWE4057, DCG405NT, DCG406NT, DCG405P2

Milwaukee : 2780-20, 2783-20, 2781-20, 2981-20

DWT: WS08-125-R



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