Arbortech TURBOShaft

Milling shank for angle grinders

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The new Arbortech TURBOShaft is a milling attachment for standard angle grinders for freehand... more
Product information "Arbortech TURBOShaft"

The new Arbortech TURBOShaft is a milling attachment for standard angle grinders for freehand milling and shaping of sculptures and writings. The 80 mm long cutter (Ø 20 mm) has two interchangeable hard metal cups. If necessary, the hard metal cups can be twisted a little to get a sharp cutter again, and ultimately also replaced. The hard metal cups of the Arbortech TURBOShaft have a very long service life, even in hard woods. The same HM cups are used on the Arbortech TURBOShaft as on the Arbortech MiniTURBO.

The Arbortech TURBOShaft is screwed directly onto the thread of the angle grinder and can be used immediately. An adjusting ring with an inner diameter of 20 mm is included in the scope of delivery. A depth stop can be created using this adjusting ring. Also included in the scope of delivery are a Phillips and Torx screwdriver for changing the HM cups and fixing the adjusting ring.
The shaft or the collar of the Arbortech TURBOShaft can also be guided on a template.

The unique geometry of the Arbortech TURBOShaft and the arrangement of the two HM cups ensure safe, easy and precise work without "running away" and without "seizing".
The Arbortech TURBOShaft is particularly suitable for deep and narrow forms on sculptures and writings. Material can be removed vigorously in depth and area with a clean surface at the same time.

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