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steinert® minimat 25 - Holz-Drehvollautomat
steinert® minimat 25 Fully automatic machine for turned parts up to Ø 25mm
Price on request
Holz-Dreh-Vollautomat steinert minimat 45
steinert® minimat 45 Fully automatic machine for turned parts up to Ø 45mm
Price on request
WEMA minimat 65, Holz-Drehvollautomat für Serienproduktion
steinert® minimat 65 Fully automatic machine for turned parts up to Ø 65mm
Price on request
Holz-Dreh-Vollautomat steinert minimat 65 CNC
steinert® minimat 65 CNC CNC-controlled fully automatic machine for turned parts up to 65mm
Price on request
WEMA Joker 7000 Kopierdrehmaschine
steinert® Joker 7000 Wood copy lathe
Price on request
steinert Joker 7000CNC, CNC-gesteuerte Dreh- und Fräsmaschine
steinert® Joker 7000 CNC CNC-controlled turning and milling machine
Price on request

Turned parts made of wood play a bigger role in daily life than it may initially appear. Neither the era of plastics nor other technical developments could reduce the importance of wood as a material. This is not only the case in wood construction and furniture production, but also in wooden toys, in the jewelry and fashion industry, in technical appliances and for elegant or rustic dining tables, etc. This great demand for wood turned parts could never be met by hand turners. That is why there have been machine developments since the beginning of the last century that help woodworkers to meet this mass demand.

However, there is still no machine that could replace the versatility of hand turning. Therefore, the suitable machine or automatic lathe must be found or developed for the respective specific task.

The basis for determining a suitable machine is always the shape and dimensions of the turned part to be manufactured. It goes without saying that we try to cover the largest possible range of possibilities. There is no such thing as a machine that can do everything. It would certainly not make sense to want to develop such a machine.

The selection of the most suitable machine for the respective purpose should be made on the basis of the turning pattern and in an on-site consultation. As DRECHSELZENTRUM ERZGEBIRGE we have the competence and are happy to advise you and since we took over the know-how, the competence, machines and some employees of the company WEMA Werkzeug- und Maschinenbau GmbH in July 2018, we have provided these machines in our own mechanical engineering company "steinert® Mechanical engineering "itself:

steinert® mechanical engineering

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