Art-Arkansas multi-shape sharpening stone (No. 3710)

for water or oil use

Abziehstein, Kunst-Arkansas, Multiformstein
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artificial Arkansas stone, is particularly suitable for quickly honing the cutting edge.... more
Product information "Art-Arkansas multi-shape sharpening stone (No. 3710)"

artificial Arkansas stone, is particularly suitable for quickly honing the cutting edge.
approx. 10 cm long, approx. 4 cm wide

Honing stones are aids for the manual honing of ground tools. A distinction is made between natural stones and artificial stones. Artificial stones consist of ceramic materials that have been pressed into shapes and fired. They are homogeneous in structure and identical in shape and appearance. They can be produced in different grain sizes (degrees of fineness).
Arkansas artificial stones - for use with water or oil.
This whetstone is made of aluminum oxide. The color is white. With it you can achieve fast material removal with a good surface quality. It is available as a bench stone, gouge stone, multi-shaped stone and shaped knife stone.
Since most whetstones can be used with both water and oil as a lubricant, it must be mentioned that the user must choose one of the two. When working with oil, the following rule applies: once oil - always oil. Oil is more “pliable” than water for handling, but it carries the risk that traces of oil can get onto the piece of wood and leave stains there.
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