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Product information "TurnMaster Cutting Insert HSS"
Sorby TurnMaster cutting insert HSS
round, square, pointed, convex, undercutting, oblique, teardrop-shaped
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The Robert Sorby TurnMaster is the first turning tool that combines three steel qualities in one flexible tool.
The cutting inserts are available in HSS (High Speed Steel), hard metal (HM) and titanium nitride (TiN) and are therefore suitable for every conceivable area of application in long and cross timber. Due to the steel structure, HSS offers a very fine and sharp cutting edge, but has a shorter tool life compared to HM and TiN. Carbide cutting edges have to be sharpened significantly less often, but they do not have the sharpness of an HSS cutting edge. TiN combines the advantages of both steel alloys and is a surface coating that considerably stabilizes the cutting edge of the HSS steel.
The variety of cutting edge qualities (HSS, HM, TiN) and cutting insert geometries (round, square, diamond-shaped) offers a wide range of possible uses for a wide variety of materials and turned objects.
The patented mounting head (insert holder) can be changed and fixed in three positions. Thanks to the flattened underside of the shaft and the three cutting edge positions, the TurnMaster can be used for scraping, cutting and finishing with the same cutting angle.
The TurnMaster is suitable for beginners, advanced and professionals.
  • All available inserts can be used with a shaft and handle
  • Patented pick-up head that can be fixed in three positions for scraping, cutting and fine finishing
  • The mounting head and cutting plates are interchangeable - only a tool handle is required
  • The underside of the shaft is flattened and therefore lies stable on the tool rest
  • The union nut for fastening and adjusting the cutting insert holder and the Torx screws for the cutting inserts allow the cutting edges to be changed and adjusted quickly and safely
  • Handle + shaft + recording head: Length 525mm
  • Shaft + recording head without handle: Length 270mm
The shaft can also be used in other booklets of a suitable size (e.g. Sovereign). The end of the shaft has a diameter of 13mm.
We offer handle, shaft, mounting head and cutting plates individually so you can put together the desired combinations yourself.
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