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Please select projection. Hegner has reinvented the fretsaw. Now professionals, artists,... more
Product information "Fretsaw"

Please select projection.

Hegner has reinvented the fretsaw. Now professionals, artists, students and hobbyists work more safely, strongly and effortlessly than ever before. The steel square tube always stays in shape - for the life of the tool. For the first time, a fretsaw is so stable, weighing only 300 or 330 grams. Five simple steps are enough and the saw blade is ready for use. Two tempered knurled screws with fine thread replace every effort. The saw blade glides through wood, plastic and metal with the same tension. And the handle made of local beech is ergonomically correct in the hand. Being creative can be so effortless.

Technical data:

  • Projection: 250 or 300mm (please select) 
  • Arch: 12x12mm square steel tube, 1mm wall thickness, galvanized, Cr ( Vi) free, curves reinforced by beads, dimensionally stable up to a load pressure of 20kg
  • Saw blade holder: 2 interchangeable clamping blocks with bore, tempered knurled screws, 0.6mm fine thread for high clamping force, clamping effect due to knurled nut on top
  • Weight: 300 or 330grams (with 250 or 300mm projection)
  • Handle: rigidly connected with a bow, local beech, turned, painted, ergonomically shaped for right and left-handers

Reasons to choose the Hegner fretsaw:

Stable - for the life of the tool
The secret of stability lies in the square tube made of steel and the curves, which are additionally reinforced by beads. The fretsaw cannot be bent or compressed with normal force. Shape and rigidity are retained for years.

Simple - Put an end to the show of strength
Generations of professionals, students and hobbyists have struggled to properly tension their fretsaw blades - a game of patience, a show of strength. Not anymore. With the Hegner fretsaw, the clamping system does all the work.

Tight - right up to the last cut
The jigsaw blade always maintains the same tension. This is ensured by the stability of the arch and the power of the clamping system. This means that you can saw cleanly, tightly and precisely right up to the last cut - even if you turn the saw blade and work on thrust.

Blind holes for a low risk of injury
Hegner has thought of everything. The saw blade cannot protrude because it is in a blind hole. One source of danger for eye injuries is eliminated forever. The rigidly mounted handle and the precision mechanical clamping system also provide security.

Practical - in handicrafts, training and hobbies
The Hegner fretsaw is suitable for schools, workshops for the disabled, model making, goldsmiths, handicrafts, fine arts, toy and furniture production, handicrafts, tin making, Restoration, theater workshop, hobby and much more

The LS 250 is well suited for children's hands

The Hegner fretsaw LS 250/300 has a precision mechanical clamping system that can be operated with five simple steps and without any effort. There is no need to bend, compress, or pretension the arch. The wear-free construction consists of two clamping blocks with knurled screws and a clamping device using a knurled nut. The steps for clamping the fretsaw blade:
1. Loosen the locking screws (knurled screws, 1 + 2) on both terminal blocks approx. 1 turn.
2. Turn the knurled nut (5) counter-clockwise until it hits the adjusting screw head (6).
3. Insert the saw blade into the lower receptacle (clamping block, 3) as far as it will go and clamp it with the locking screw (1) (teeth down).
4. Insert the end of the saw blade into the upper holder (4). Press the saw blade holder down slightly. Clamp the saw blade with the locking screw (2).
5. Turn the knurled nut (5) clockwise as far as it will go to tension the saw blade.

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26 Apr 2022


Wer nicht auf die Billigprodukte, die es von 6 bis 8 Euro überall im Netz gibt, reinfallen möchte, sollte ein klein wenig mehr Geld ausgeben. Es lohnt sich, denn diese Laubsäge liegt sehr gut in der Hand und ist auch für einen Anfänger sehr gut geeignet.

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