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Please select the desired cutting width! Please note that the hand-forged tools of the... more
Product information "Neuhammer scraper straight (forged)"

Please select the desired cutting width!

Please note that the hand-forged tools of the brand "Neuhammer" are delivered without a handle.
Compared to industrially manufactured mass products, it should be noted that dimensions and shape show slight fluctuations, which are due to the manufacturing technology of the artisanal forging. In addition, the shape and sharpness of the cutting edge are not yet ready for use with new tools. All tools must first be sharpened. This enables the shape of the cutting edge to be corrected according to individual requirements (influencing factors such as type of wood, workpiece shape and the like).

Height (thickness) of the scraper:
- Width 5 mm: approx. 10 mm
- Width 8-10 mm: approx. 9 mm
- Width> 10 mm: approx. 8 mm

Application: Scrapers are mainly used for finishing cross wood surfaces. In addition, scrapers are often helpful at workpiece locations which, for reasons of shape, cannot be reached with conventional cutting tools such as chisels or pipes. Examples would be the bottoms of cans or the turning of precisely fitting tenons. A cutting tool is, however, always preferable to the scraper if possible, as the surfaces are always cleaner.
Narrow scrapers (up to approx. 10 mm) are called "plate steels". They are used for the precise manufacture of the panels of profiles and for the dimensionally accurate shaping of tenons.

Grind: Scrapers are often ground in a special shape, just as it is required for the workpiece. The wedge angle is relatively large. A particularly sharp cutting edge is necessary in order to achieve a clean surface.

Working method:
In contrast to all other turning tools, the cutting bevel is not used as a guide on the workpiece with the scraper. Scrapers are usually used at the level of the axis of rotation, hanging slightly.

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