Unfortunately for health reasons, our master blacksmith Herbert Glasses can no longer do his fascinating but physically very difficult job.
Thank you Herbert for the many years of friendly cooperation. We wish you all the best!

Master blacksmith Albrecht Morgenstern, owner of the Neuhammer forge in Olbernhau, has been working side by side with Herbert Gläser for 15 years and is now taking over the production of these unique HSS tools. Individual tools are already available. We will now expand and offer the range piece by piece.

Neuhammer smithy, Olbernhau in the Ore Mountains

Neuhammer smithy, Olbernhau in the Ore Mountains

Please note that the hand-forged tools of the brand "Neuhammer" (formerly glasses) are delivered without a handle.

Compared to industrially manufactured mass products, it should be noted that dimensions and shape show minor fluctuations, which are due to the manufacturing technology of the artisanal forging. In addition, the shape and sharpness of the cutting edge are not yet ready for use with new tools. All tools must first be sharpened. This enables the shape of the cutting edge to be corrected according to individual requirements (influencing factors such as type of wood, workpiece shape and the like).

Read more about the forged tools from the Erzgebirge, their manufacture and the philosophy of handcrafted tools in the Drechslermagazin issue summer 2010 issue 11 (pdf file approx. 0.5 MB).

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The Ore Mountains are considered the most important center of wood turning in Europe. Several hundred woodturners work professionally here. Even the only tool smith who still made turning tools in a purely manual manner is based in this low mountain range on the border with the Czech Republic. The hand-forged HSS tools from Mr. Herbert Gläser are traditional professional tools. They have proven themselves over many decades in terms of shape and quality. With the continuation of the work by Albrecht Morgenstern in the Neuhammer forge, this tradition can be preserved and further developed.

The lattice structure of the steel is compressed by forging. This gives the cutting edge a significantly longer service life than industrially manufactured turning tools. In addition, the tools are forged up to the tang and hardened, and thus have a significantly longer service life than comparable products.

Fine corundum grinding disks (white or red) with a ceramic bond and an open structure are suitable for sharpening tools. The grain size should be between 36 and max. 80 and the hardness is from Jot to M. The finer-grain a grinding wheel, the less it has to be reworked with whetstones. But there is also a higher risk of burnout, which should be avoided at all costs. We therefore recommend our customers sharpening discs with a grain size of 46 and hardness Jot. Finer grains only make sense for special sanding tasks (e.g. profile sanding with very narrow discs). Wet grinding machines prevent the cutting edge from overheating. However, such devices are slow-running, which means that the sanding time is longer than with dry sanding. Machines with a sanding belt are a viable alternative.

In any case, a ground tool must be reworked in such a way that the burr created by the grinding disappears. Arkansas whetstones have proven themselves for this. The cutting edge can also be honed with the finest diamond files or with the help of polishing pastes on felt or leather discs (we can provide further information about sharpening devices).

We take it for granted that the tools are properly handled when turning. We do not accept liability for disadvantages caused by improper handling. This also applies to the sharpening process.

We guarantee a consistently high quality of the steel and the hardening of the tools and hope you enjoy working with these high-quality tools.

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Schruppröhre Neuhammer
Neuhammer Roughing Gouge (Forged) different sizes
From €125.00 *
Drechsel-Meißel konisch, geschmiedet, Gläser
Neuhammer Flat Chisel Conical (Forged) different sizes
From €76.50 *
Neuhammer Spindle Tube (Forged)
Neuhammer Spindle Tube (Forged) different sizes
From €81.50 *
Neuhammer Schalenröhre
Neuhammer Bowl Tube (Forged) different sizes
From €109.00 *
Bauchhaken Neuhammer
Neuhammer Belly Hook (Forged) different sizes
€81.50 *
Deutsche Röhre geschmiedet Neuhammer
Neuhammer German Tube (Forged) different sizes
From €111.50 *
Schaber gerade Neuhammer
Neuhammer Scraper Straight (Forged) different sizes
From €78.50 *
Drechsel-Meißel gerade, geschmiedet, Neuhammer
Neuhammer Flat Chisel Straight (Forged) different sizes
From €59.50 *
Abstechstahl Neuhammer
Neuhammer Parting Tool without Groove (Forged) Length 320mm, width 3-4mm
€75.50 *
Hook forged
Neuhammer Extractor Hook (Forged) different sizes
From €79.50 *
Bauchhaken gekröpft
Neuhammer Belly Hook Cranked (Forged) different sizes
€88.50 *
Schaber rund geschmiedet Gläser
Neuhammer Scraper Fully Rounded (Forged) different sizes
From €113.50 *
Schaber links rund geschmiedet
Neuhammer Scraper Left Rounded (Forged) different sizes
From €99.50 *
Schaber hinterschliffen Neuhammer
Neuhammer Scraper Relief-Grind (Forged) Left Rounded or Oblique
From €86.50 *
Nutstahl (handgeschmiedet)
Neuhammer Furrow Tool (Forged) Length: 320mm
€67.50 *
Handle Ash / Copper for Turning Tools
Handle Ash / Copper for Turning Tools Length: 135, 220 or 300mm
From €4.00 *
Neuhammer Chip Tree Skew Chisel for the production of Erzgebirge style rolledchip trees
€84.40 *