Neuhammer Bowl Tube (Forged)

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Please select the desired tool length (steel length) and cutting edge width. Please note... more
Product information "Neuhammer Bowl Tube (Forged)"

Please select the desired tool length (steel length) and cutting edge width.

Please note that the hand-forged tools of the brand "Neuhammer" are delivered without a handle.
Compared to industrially manufactured mass products, it should be noted that dimensions and shape show slight fluctuations, which are due to the manufacturing technology of the artisanal forging. In addition, the shape and sharpness of the cutting edge are not yet ready for use with new tools. All tools must first be sharpened; this enables the shape of the cutting edge to be corrected according to individual requirements (influencing factors such as type of wood, workpiece shape and the like).

Application: The U-turning gouge, also known as a bowl gouge or cross-wood gouge, is normally used to process cross-wood. In the case of transverse timber (in contrast to long timber), the grain of the timber is perpendicular to the axis of rotation. This means that other cutting edge shapes are usually required. Transverse wood tubes are worked out more deeply than long wood (spindle) tubes. The cross-section is U-shaped. To a certain extent, transverse tubes can also be used to hollow out vase-shaped workpieces.

Grind: The shape of the cutting edge is primarily dependent on the shape of the workpiece to be machined. Typically, the cup tube is provided with a relatively obtuse (large) (45-60°) wedge angle. A small wedge angle (long guide bevel) is useful for elongated shapes, a large wedge angle (short guide bevel) for narrow cavities. Often a short bevel is used for internal bores (bowls), which is also broken again at the end or sanded in a curved manner. A fingernail grinding, i.e. ground back side edges, has proven to be useful in many applications. Applying the tool to the edge of the shell is often safer and cleaner with a fingernail grind.

How it works : To make a bowl, the wooden blank is attached to a screw chuck or a face plate and first turned on the underside. The shell tube is inclined in the feed direction. The feed direction should run from the center to the outside on the underside of the shell; the flat side at the base of the shell can also be fed from the outside to the inside. When working with a tube, it is important that the cutting bevel lies against the workpiece and that the tool is thus guided. Once the underside of the bowl has been turned, it is turned over, stretched at the foot and the inside is turned out. The feed usually takes place from the edge of the bowl towards the center. Here, too, the tube is inclined in the feed direction and rotated into the profile. The cutting bevel must lie against the workpiece.
A width of 14-16mm is recommended for basic equipment.

Application examples: Bowls, bowls, plates, shooting targets or other disc-shaped objects.

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