TORMEK device for turning gouges

for fingernail-shaped rotating gouges, carving gouges and goat's feet

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  • SVD-186R
With the Tormek jig for tubes SVD-186 R you can sharpen your finger-shaped rotary tubes... more
Product information "TORMEK device for turning gouges"

With the Tormek jig for tubes SVD-186 R you can sharpen your finger-shaped rotary tubes razor-sharp. The high level of control enables you to reproduce the selected profile exactly.

With this jig for grinding rotary gouges you can also sharpen carving tools with complex shapes such as curved or curved carving gouges and goat's feet.

Instructions for download ...

Revised version 2020
You can now block the rotation of the device with a new locking screw. This new feature makes it easier to sharpen carving tools such as B. Goat's feet to gain full control. With the locking screw, violin knives and notch carving knives with the MB-100 Multi Base as well as the Tormek diamond discs can be ground completely flat.

SVD-186 R for turning tools
You will receive an exact reproduction of both the shape and the cutting edge angle of your cup tubes and spindle tubes. This guarantees that your tool works reliably on the lathe after each grinding. If used correctly and in combination with your Tormek grinding machine, there is no alternative to this solution in terms of speed and sharpness of the result.

The device can be adjusted for different bevel lengths. Create your own profile recipe or select one of the recommended profiles from the selection table in the instructions.

You can also sharpen your turning tools with the SVD-186 R. To do this, mount your chisel on the special shaft that is included with the shaft. The film shows you how it works!

(If you have the first version of the Tormek jig for tubes SVD-180, you can retrofit the SVD-005 to be able to grind turning tools.)

Optimal cutting
Wet grinding on your Tormek creates a very sharp edge that will last much longer. Really sharp tubes cut better and the wood gets a very fine surface. Often no regrinding is required.

Full control
With the setting gauge for turning tools TTS-100 you get exactly the shape and the cutting angle that you need for your turning task. Even the lengths of the side wings can be varied so that the shape of the tube suits your turning process.

Exact repeatability
Both the shape and the cutting edge angle are reproduced exactly, so the grinding process takes less than a minute. Since you only remove a fraction of a millimeter with each grinding process, your turning tools will last for years, probably a lifetime.

Gentle on steel
With the Tormek system, the cutting edge is continuously cooled with water, so the steel is not overheated and retains its hardness.

SVD-186 R with a bench grinder
With the BGM-100 assembly kit, you can also use the SVD-186 R on a bench grinder if you have to remove a lot of steel from new tools in order to change the profile or produce a smaller cutting edge angle. However, you have to make sure that the cutting edge does not overheat. After you have made the rough shape on the bench grinder, switch to the Tormek machine to give the edge the final sharpness.

Thanks to the patented setting gauge for turning tools TTS-100, you can get the exact shape and cutting edge angle. This makes it easier to switch from the bench grinder back to the Tormek. Exactly the same angle. Two advantages with the same device system - faster material removal and optimal sharpness of the cutting edge!

SVD-186 R for carving tools
The slowly rotating, water-cooled Tormek whetstone is ideal for sharpening your carving tools. With the SVD-186 R, even curved or bent tools can be easily sharpened. The grindstone is gentle on the carbon steel, there is no risk of overheating for the sensitive cutting edge.

The device can be adjusted to the curvature of the shaft so that you can create a uniform bevel over the entire convex shaped cutting edge. You will also get optimal grinding results with downwardly curved turning heights.

There are no set profiles for carving tools. The easiest way to set the cutting edge angle is to color-mark the bevel so you can see where the grinding will take place.

Note that for most delicate carving tools, it may be sufficient to hone them on the Tormek leather honing wheel in combination with some Tormek honing paste.

You will find many interesting details and application recommendations on the Tormek website (German).

Product overview TORMEK machines and accessories for download as PDF file (2.5 MB) ...

PDF manual for the article please click here !

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