Neuhammer extractor hook (forged)

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Please choose the size you want! Please note that the hand-forged tools of the brand... more
Product information "Neuhammer extractor hook (forged)"

Please choose the size you want!

Please note that the hand-forged tools of the brand "Neuhammer" are delivered without a handle.
Compared to industrially manufactured mass products, it should be noted that dimensions and shape show slight fluctuations, which are due to the manufacturing technology of the artisanal forging. In addition, the shape and sharpness of the cutting edge are not yet ready for use with new tools. All tools must first be sharpened. This enables the shape of the cutting edge to be corrected according to individual requirements (influencing factors such as type of wood, workpiece shape and the like).

Application: Turning hooks are used to turn hollow shapes in long wood work (end grain). They are used for both roughing and finishing, but take some practice.

Sharpening: These tools have a straight cutting edge that ends in a small hook at the front. The bevel is on the inside. The outer surface serves to guide (contact) the inner workpiece. When sharpening, the inner bevel is ground using a grinding wheel that is rounded on one side. Since it is mostly the front hook shape that has to be reground, it can also be sanded with a sanding cone. The outer shape must not be ground hollow, but rather must be round (convex) so that it can act as a guide surface on the wall of the workpiece.

Method of operation: After the workpiece has been turned round, the face is cut off cleanly (with the chisel). Then the center is punched and a hole is drilled (diameter larger than the hook size and advantageously almost to the final depth).
The small rounding of the hook is used to start at the hole and work off chip by chip from the inside out. The cutting edge stands up and is slightly inclined towards the center. The back of the hook forms the guide in the workpiece.

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